Days of reckoning.

I’m acknowledging the internal struggle I’m experiencing  between work, maintaining a home and garden which I love, juggling my life to accommodate my husbands travels and schedule. I don’t have to make myself available and he would never ask me to put him first. I want to spend time with him. Hell, I could have stayed in the UK if I wanted to live alone. His job is extremely demanding, anything less would leave him bored.

One of the most attractive thing about him is his level of dedication to the important things in his life. I know I’m up there, sometimes I have to remember that. I feel I can get lost in the priorities. I don’t want to lose him in mine. And there lies the problem. I’ve got my one foot in my work, one foot in domesticity. My head is up in the clouds, wondering where my true vocation lies…my frustration is that I really should have been figuring all this out way before now.

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