img_0265.jpgI am a British born and raised, European trained, culinary educator who tries to keep up with all the ideas in her head, trying to recreate a small piece of my homeland here in the south.

I am passionate about food, my knitting, I am an avid gardener and I sew some.

I grew up in a financially challenged environment under some testing circumstances to put it mildly.

Life is not always how we would wish, I learned how to improvise or make do at a very early age…and that skill set has done me proud.  I am technically challenged, the learning curve is steep.

I will get there, it will be entertaining if you have the interest or forbearance to hang on in.  I will write and address the seasons, for flowers, for fresh locally sourced foods, some recipes to go along with the season.

I will share my knitting updates and projects for my granddaughter and great niece (yep, I’m old).  I will post stuff about my gardening, successes and miserable failures, along with pictures. ….and food.. it’s my forte.

There will be lots of easy “how to” stuff, eventually when I figure out how to edit my video footage from my flip…lord help you all.  I will bombard you!  In the meantime, I, and my blog, are a work in progress.  Talk to you soon!

The photo below is of my hometown of Shrewsbury in the county of Shropshire, U.K.

This picture is of Wyle Cop and is how it pretty much still looks today.  My hometown is extremely rich in history and agriculture.  Known for it’s flowers and horticulture, it’s beautiful.

Wyle Cop

Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury

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  1. Me and for my all family are very happy to know you. I would like to be one of your neighbour one of your close friend or on of your relative. You and your husband really great guys. FOREVER SUZAN…

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