Another bright new dawn

Today I am up bright and early. Getting ready to list a house, pick up keys from other houses, meet my son and granddaughter from the airport and have oodles of fun! They too are a huge part of my “why” and if you are reading this Daisy…so are you!

In preparation for all of the above, I have written my listing contract, sent out a bunch of info to a very interested buyer on my fav listing of the moment  3 Elm tree Lane in Huntsville…looks like that baby will be snapped up soon. I love that house…. true craftsman!  Pappie has been working on his pavers out on the back path….Lots of elbow grease and sweat equity going into that project…and love, love for his commitment, love for me, to make me feel like I belong here, crafting his way to make me an English garden here in Huntsville A-la-ba-ma. He is my love,  gorgeous and such a talent…( he is my “why” period!).  never one not to contribute, I raced around like a lunatic on the John Deer…not difficult to envisage.. cutting the grass. I prefer to hand push the lawnmower and create the criss cross effect on the front lawn. I’m sure horticulturist will call it chequerboard…but you get what I mean, don’t you? well last night no chequerboard…just loony squiggles and it still looks lovely and neat this morning! I have a couple of busy days ahead, trying to squeeze in as much as I can with my loved ones while they are here, and that of course is when the phone rings for work…always, it’s a given…and I would be disappointed if it didn’t.. we will be here in our sanctuary called home, we will be cooking, teaching livvie bear how to water Nana’s plants, of course answering my feel free to call.


  1. Thank you!. I would love any referrals that are out there! I am a full time Realtor (CDPE, shortsale) and have had my license in several states over 11 years. I also have a very tiny consultancy for food based businesses here in Huntsville, helping folks who want to start a food based business or revamp, streamline, make profiabke an existing one. Thanks for your comments…have a good one, cheers!

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