Catching up with friends.

Busy weekend travelling to see friends.  I’m so glad that I went but feeling a little jaded after back to back travel. I was in Fairlawn NJ and the surrounding area. The flora and fauna are so reminiscent of my homeland and many of the home sizes the same. I am spoilt here in Huntsville and I love it. I do miss the horse chestnuts and the green, green landscape but the pace and price of everything…no~sir~ee. My friend is a chocolatier and talented one at that, she also does great flower arrangements…so if you are in that neck of the woods and want either of the aforementioned gorgeous displays of goodies or displays, let me know. I will gladly have her contact you. She also specializes in Turkish foods and does a superb job of cooking…just in case you are in need or such a talent.

The weather is beginning to change and even though it was mid 90’s here today, I am getting ready for cooler days. cooler nights and my fire lit with me sat in a comfy armchair with my knitting or blog and being a contented happy Nana just doing my own thing. Is that sad? I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s a “getting old”  thing but as I checked over the garden today I saw a couple of birds playing in the water of the fountain and it really added to my morning. Of course I was supposed to be cramming with work to make up the time I was away. In real terms, I pottered around in my garden weeding and picking while making phone calls to clients. I visited my three pre listings and lined up my next workload, for which I am very appreciative. I shopped for lots of fruit and a little protein so as to address the naughties I ate this weekend. I walked 4 miles at a meandering pace in the name of thigh reclamation…will pick up the pace in the coming days and weeks but today was just fine the way it went. It has taken me a long long time to figure out that pushing and rushing won’t change a thing, well other than give me a headache. Talking about headaches, I had a thumper on Friday, I spent Thursday chasing my tail in order to head out. In my haste I tripped and fell coming out of one of my constructions homes…hit the floor with a not so lovely thud and ended up with a cheekbone that looked like I had crossed Mike Tyson in a dark alley! not so clever!

This evening I received a a message on my blog from a lady I met on a plane ride a couple of weeks ago. Her name is Jackie and I talked to her about managing your metrics as a single mum ( UK spelling…can’t give everything up!). If she likes what I have written for her, I will work on some more “stuff” that gives direction on how to manage finances, time, goals etc all with your kids helping you co create a great future. It builds good teams in the moment and in the future, I will show you how to develop good foundations for success, in the moment and in the future. Based on my personal experience…of being a single, struggling, not always getting it right, very often getting it wrong mum. I will combine aspects of my personal journey with my business education and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to make better decisions for yourself by learning from my successes and cock ups…yep I have made plenty of those…I’m told that for this blog to be successful. I need to brand myself and write with a product in mind. I don’t have a product. I am writing with you in  mind. I want to offer guidance to the ladies treading the path that I trod. I want to connect. I have nothing to brand. It is what it is.. so stay tuned..let’s see where we can go.


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