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Trying to create a home in the deep south that has its roots in my own culture and echoes of places that I have lived.

Getting back on the wagon. Food for thought and well being.

Fresh figs with Gorgonzola and pecans for lunch.
Bison burger with wilted spinach and onions for supper with raspberry and pineapple smoothie ( not shown) I gulped that one down!

Making a side table out of a 1929 singer treadle.

I have been after this for a while. Just ordered some wormy reclaimed chestnut for the base.



I will post the completed project when it’s finished.

Easter Bread

20140419-103220.jpgA gift from an associate. Brought back some really nice memories of Easter back home and the effort put into such occasions. Beautiful. Thank you Thomas Williams and your amazing girls!

Lady banks rose coming into bloom

Spring was slow to start but it’s here now!


Sprucing up for spring.

spring flowers_1955DSC_0853

spring flowers_1960DSC_0858

spring flowers_1958DSC_0856

spring flowers_1956DSC_0854

spring flowers_1954DSC_0852

spring flowers_1953DSC_0851

Supper for some new neighbors

20140225-175107.jpgI have some new neighbors moving in, their folks just drove across country to help with the unpacking. I know technically one simply does not offer two pies at the same sitting…. Nonetheless I delivered a pot pie, apple pie and litre of Chardonnay to use the process!

Hey….is Spring coming…….we so need it!

The weather forecast is saying we have a few more cold nights but my garden is showing some signs of spring. Dwarf irises are super special to me. I was thrilled when I found these in a garden store last year… I had some planted in a garden at home ( UK) in memory of a lost child. I felt a sense of completion when I was able to plant some here…..the sun is shining today and before the crocus have risen, before the daffodils have made their announcement, through the mulch I noticed these little beauties in all their glory. I wanted to share them with you.

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Pork with cranberries, apples, blackberries and raspberry balsamic sauce!

Quick supper on a cold evening

We had pork chops last night that I made with some cranberry relish, added blackberries and raspberry balsamic  and reduced it to a glaze…pushed it through the sieve to make a smooth sauce…I had the tiniest piece of pork but the glaze over my veggies…mmm mm good! If you need something healthy and fast this is it!

Braised Short Ribs

out of the oven, on to a warm plate.Starting the new year off nicely.  I am throwing some supper in the oven early on in the day, while we clean and declutter the house.  Not only do these ribs taste amazingly good, the whole house smells like a french bistro all day!