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Unemployed? underemployed or just have a yearning for home grown flowers, fruits, veggies and eggs. Forced into early retirement, one grandad teaches his grandchildren the every day chores associated with working towards a healthier life style. Priceless!
Written by guest writer Ian Whitehall exclusively for Little Brit More!

It’s beginning to look a lot like progress!


Green beans
And a few sunflowers!

Hey….is Spring coming…….we so need it!

The weather forecast is saying we have a few more cold nights but my garden is showing some signs of spring. Dwarf irises are super special to me. I was thrilled when I found these in a garden store last year… I had some planted in a garden at home ( UK) in memory of a lost child. I felt a sense of completion when I was able to plant some here…..the sun is shining today and before the crocus have risen, before the daffodils have made their announcement, through the mulch I noticed these little beauties in all their glory. I wanted to share them with you.

Taking care of the roses!

Remodeling, decorating, and more ∨

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Getting ready for Spring.

My husband made my cold frame for me. It’s practical and inexpensive. We got the perspex Plexi glass) cut to size at our local hardware store. He also built my tuteurs for me after I took some pictures of some I saw in a country store at home (England). A little piece of my home here in the deep south. Huntsville AL.

April on the English Allotment

So here we are April already. April is normally a very busy month in the vegetable grower’s garden and this one will not be much different. March here broke all weather records with long warm, dry days and unusually warm nights. Because of that I think I am possibly as much as two weeks ahead of where I was this time last year.

The Allotment Gardener.



With the main hunting season now finished in UK and the Trout fishing season yet to start my thoughts turn to my garden at this time of year. Not pretty flowers or roses but vegetables that will supplement the family diet through the coming year.

Gloucestershire snowdrops. Pronounced Gloster …for my American friends!

first blooms of the year from Gloucester

Enjoying Mother nature. Taken by Ian Whitehall, guest writer for Little Brit More! He covers English Country living from the other side of the pond!

Days in the life of an Old Shropshire lad…and his dogs!

Guarding the firewood

When mum comes home, we will have a nice warm fire!Me and my master love it out here.

Creating an English garden from scratch here in the deep south!

The making of an English garden in the deep south.