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April Garden Calendar Huntsville Alabama …zone 7.

Wow what a month March has shown it’s self to be. 76f-26f in 24 hours and then a whole lot more variables on days when you least expect! This is N Alabama so thunder, lightening and tornado warnings thrown in the mix…Days in the hammock basking in sunshine and other days curled up the chair in front of a log burning fire with a book and some hot chocolate!

Wish you were here

img_5115.jpgI would love to know what you’d think and say about how the kids have grown, what they’ve become, who they remind you of, how important they are to you.  I’d like to share my garden with you, though I know just the thought of this heat would make your skin crawl. I wonder what you’d think of America, where I am in my life, all the obstacles I’ve dealt with to get this far. Most of all, I hope you are looking down and know that we are happy,  that you would be pleased for us and with us.

Let the healing begin

img_5164-1.jpgWe begin year eight at an English cottage garden in the Deep South. Created one day at a time….by the hands of my amazing husband. Extremely personal… I can feel the love each time I step out, come rain, shine, whatever. Six months into my recovery, this place has given me immense joy. So privileged to call this home.

April showers brought May flowers




Siberian iris and white rosebuds. Home grown


Hey….is Spring coming…….we so need it!

The weather forecast is saying we have a few more cold nights but my garden is showing some signs of spring. Dwarf irises are super special to me. I was thrilled when I found these in a garden store last year… I had some planted in a garden at home ( UK) in memory of a lost child. I felt a sense of completion when I was able to plant some here…..the sun is shining today and before the crocus have risen, before the daffodils have made their announcement, through the mulch I noticed these little beauties in all their glory. I wanted to share them with you.