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The day to day life of an over the hill storyteller!

Maple, pecan,cranberry bread pudding…served with whiskey sauce anglaise.

Butter the bread, this is left over chibatta.

Layer in dish with cranberries, peacans and maple syrup.

Cover with egg custard and allow to sit.

4 eggs, 4 ounces of sugar ( iused demarrara on this…because I could) 20 ounces ( English pint) of milk.

Sprinkle the top with a little sugar.

Bake at 350f till risen (set).

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Cakes and pastries mailed out.

Christmas cake made.

Tags and gift cards made.

Just finishing some hand knitted socks!

This weekend will go searching for the tallest tree I can find!

Wish you were here

img_5115.jpgI would love to know what you’d think and say about how the kids have grown, what they’ve become, who they remind you of, how important they are to you.  I’d like to share my garden with you, though I know just the thought of this heat would make your skin crawl. I wonder what you’d think of America, where I am in my life, all the obstacles I’ve dealt with to get this far. Most of all, I hope you are looking down and know that we are happy,  that you would be pleased for us and with us.

Creating Generational Wealth

img_5172.jpgMy business coach was discussing generational wealth, focusing on removing the ” noise ” from ones life and being goal driven. The ability to change people’s lives. I had a digression day yesterday. 1 hour 40 mins in the pool as part of my cancer recovery program. Delivering fig tarts and other edibles to friends, stopped in the office to chat with a colleague. We discussed his work load and my ” lack of” this year.

Let the healing begin

img_5164-1.jpgWe begin year eight at an English cottage garden in the Deep South. Created one day at a time….by the hands of my amazing husband. Extremely personal… I can feel the love each time I step out, come rain, shine, whatever. Six months into my recovery, this place has given me immense joy. So privileged to call this home.

Tudor style bird house

img_5012-1.jpgThis lovely birdhouse was made in the style of the listed buildings in my hometown of Shrewsbury,UK. Made for me by my friend Wilette Beasley Johnson, who has only seen pictures of where I come from. Hours upon hours of work. An amazing gift, an amazing talent. Thank you!

Can you guess where I am?

img_5167.jpgMy 8am appointment was pushed till noon. Can you guess where I’ll be spending that time?

How about a little cooking demo?

img_0266.jpgStuffed and rolled pork, coffee and orange layered cake. How to bone, roll and stuff a chicken.

Birthday weekend

img_1785.jpgIn a hammock made for….as many of us that can get in it!

Apple swirls for Broker tour

 1 pack of puff pastry defrosted, cut into strips. Brush with apricot jam. Lay thinly sliced apples. Roll,  place I to cup cake tray and bakes at 400f. When cooked, remove from pan, place in cupcake cases and sprinkle with powdered sugar!