Dec / Jan Garden

I think many people assume that in the colder months all things garden are dormant. I spent yesterday working in the yard and could and will add several more days in the next few weeks, doing the same.

Cleaning out and clearing up.

Yesterday I pruned roses, cleared dead plants, trimmed back dormant shrubs (that were not dependent on existing  bud). a total of three very large bags.

It’s debatable whether to remove all dead growth from day lilies etc. the spent leaves and stems provide warmth and shelter from any overnight frost, so I tidied as best as I could. I have already raked and gathered as many dead leaves from the lawn as possible a few weeks back. Tomorrow, I will do more of the same. Any dead leaves on the garden path and ones raked out of the dry river bed, I piled up on to the flowerbeds and will mulch over around Easter week.

I have been spreading the ash from my wood burning fireplace over the flowerbeds. My composter is full and I will mix that in with the ash, compost and shredded paper before we mulch…then soak it down well.

I have planted lavender in my cold frame. Next week it will be wall flowers and then Sweet William and some lettuce.

I stuffed the planters with ivy, viola (which I use for decoration of cupcakes in the spring), snapdragon and Dianthus, which seem to do well in my yard. Boxing day, it was so warm, I made jugs of spiked lemonade and we all sat out just chatting and nibbling on bruschetta and crab dip with crackers. good times and interesting conversation as the lemonade kicked in!

This time of year is great for planning and revisiting garden success and failures. Choosing to plant something else or try the same again. If you need inspiration, just wander through and look closely the daffodils are peeping through the soil, some are already up…the hyacinths are on their way, as are dwarf irises, anemone, snowdrops etc.

Ok, gotta go…there’s still plenty to do.

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