English Shortbread

What a crazy week, maybe finally some work…well one would hope!  I bought a folding table for my sewing machine and have cut out vintage style aprons for my girls, just need to sew them together…just need to do a stack of things, truth be told.  I got a little carried away after that and bought another folding table for the second dormer window in my office and will use it for my seed production.  My office is now home to my treadmill, bowflex, though I walk outside 5 days out of 7.  My sewing table, sewing  machine and all crafts requiring scissors, my plant table, seed incubation area oh and yes my desk!  All of my “Just need to get that done”.  I have stuff.  I  bought a bunch of perennial seeds, a few veggie seeds, which, because my husband is not loving the idea of raised flower beds…I think he actually said “no” hell no” and then “over my dead body” all which have negative overtones that lead me to believe no raised vegetable beds in my immediate future at least ….never to be deterred, I am going to have “patches ” of veg throughout my back garden flower beds…… can’t keep a good girl down! So with all of those little projects to get done this month, in comes some “possible” paid  work.  Add to that, I have to make some samples of gluten free goodies (of which I have some super recipes) to Williams Sonoma, they “may want me to demo again for them.

I get really busy when I’m alone to try and cope with the vacuum.  I am a little scattered in my creativity, or so I’m told..Pappie broke his helicopter this week  and came home a day early, in time to see the house in the turmoil that is created when I am half way though my “just do” list… I had been running around getting groceries, make the house look as if someone lives here, rather than the place had been broken in to and ransacked, and I realised that I still haven’t figured out how to edit the Valentine cookie video that I made last week.  Don’t get exited big guys, I still haven’t figured it out.  Once Pappie has finished his project of the week, he will look at it and sort it out for me…too late for you to produce in time for valentine’s day but the recipe is good all year round and can be cut into seasonal shapes and decorated accordingly…so copy down now…watch the video when I eventually get it edited, and have some supper cookies for a pals birthday or get ready for Easter.  It will be here sooner than you think.

English Shortbread.  Recipe care of Hannah Anslow, my grandmother (who was actually Scottish)!


  • 8 ozs sugar
  • 16 ozs butter room temp (No substitute EVER!)
  • 24 ozs flour
  • 1 egg (beaten)


  • Pour flour onto counter make a well in center
  • Rub room temp butter into flour until mix resembles breadcrumbs
  • Rub in sugar
  • Make well in mix, add beaten egg
  • Work mix into a ball and chill for 20 minutes (ish)
  • Roll out onto lightly floured surface 1/2 inch thick
  • Cut into required shapes
  • Place on lined baking sheet, sprinkle with sugar
  • Bake at 350ºF convection 365ºF regular oven (top shelf)
  • Remove once set and very light golden.  (Brits eat them more cooked than this…and dip them in tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, I know, dirty buggers)
  • Decorate, plate, wrap or serve!

Will post video a.s.a.p

This paste (pate sucre) is great for apple pie or pumpkin etc. if this is the case, bake on bottom shelf so as to cook the paste and not have a saggy assed pie! Alternatively, for a chocolate tart base or cookie, substitute 1 oz of flour for 1 oz of dutch processed cocoa and follow the rest of the directions..easy peasy.  Once you have made this paste, you will use it over and over, it’s really versatile.  Enjoy! P.S. email if you have a question….will skype you through the making if you like…have a better handle on the skype jobbie than the flip video jobbie…but watch this space…all will change.

Oh and get your seeds started indoors.  Last frost in zone 7 (Huntsville) is 26th of April I am told, that gives you 4 weeks to get them started indoors and 4 weeks in a cold frame to harden them off  before you plant out.  I have a great plan/blue print  for a cold frame that I will post or if you’re interested, email me  and I will forward…you guessed it Pappie made mine and also my tuteurs after I came back from my last trip home armed with a bevvie of pics I had taken from gardens that made me smile.  I’m trying to replicate my own bit of England here in the deep south!

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