Finding my way.

Yesterday was full of dark clouds. I’ve been working through some management instruction discs getting ready for a course I’m going to be attending in Austin in August. It’s high energy, full immersion, reach for the sky and accept nothing less than the stars. So much so, I was exhausted just watching the CD’s ….I  don’t know that I am cut out for all of that stuff. I have done the eighty hour work weeks and given my all to prove myself to the big C as in Corporate…they eat you up and spit you out….. Just as I was approaching burnout,  I came to the conclusion that there was no real balance and by working eighty something hours. In fact I was actually doing two people’s jobs in real terms. Add to that, at the time,  my husband was at sea on deployment so there were two children (teenagers) to keep in check, force, cajole, encourage and bribe to help with housework, laundry and yard work all while trying to keep up with their interests, school work, love lives, well being, physical, mental and of course nutritional, oh and again, laundry! I’ve written degree programs, had my own business several times, Cooked for royalty and heads of state, and raised two kids. I know what is important to me. Being important in my kids lives, is far more important than being a  millionaire. I need to organise my mind and feel confident in the direction that I am going. I would like more time with the people that are important to me…now I need to find a

finding my way

the important things in life!

way to make that happen and fund it!

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