Creating Generational Wealth

img_5172.jpgMy business coach was discussing generational wealth, focusing on removing the ” noise ” from ones life and being goal driven. The ability to change people’s lives. I had a digression day yesterday. 1 hour 40 mins in the pool as part of my cancer recovery program. Delivering fig tarts and other edibles to friends, stopped in the office to chat with a colleague. We discussed his work load and my ” lack of” this year.

I gave him two fig tarts to take home…..he said I look amazingly happy and my work always comes…and it will come again…he asked me how long I’ve been randomly delivering food to friends….so I have to ask Paula Boulton, Sandra Sandra Henstridge, Lesley Nicholls ( lemon curd in penzance 😂😂😂) Iona, how long have I known you? And is generational wealth more than money?

These girls and many more have been part of my journey.

I’m not rich, haven’t done too much of anything this year outside of healing and family time but I feel complete.

I get the utmost pleasure out of randomly leaving a pork pie on the door step of my friends houses…

Sending biscotti to Jeffs flight crew just because, dropping a Tupperware of soup to Kena because it’s cold and she’s stuck in the model home.

So maybe I’m not ever going to be a ” somebody”, maybe we will just split a fig tart, share some soup or try this tipsy cup cake and enjoy it all for just what it is.

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