Harvest festival cake, creative venting!

dressed up and ready to roll
Harvest Festival Cake

Not a good day emotionally.  I’m in the middle of several transactions that are beating me up!  Last night I was flying at 2000 feet in terms of stability…in other words, none in real terms!  I walked in the morning, stomped my sorry self around 4.5 miles to the wooings of Adele.  I had to get in the mind set to get into the pool rather than pop my butt in front of the tele and watch a rerun of hoarders!  I got in the pool and swam 1.25 miles arriving home knackered at best.  I made the spice cake seen here… yep packet mix x2 no biggie there.

This morning I wake up and had to have 3 spec homes open by 6 am.  I went in full Pj’s based on the opinion that if you want to be out nosing at such a silly hour, you will see silly things!  So while I dealt with all the phone calls today, I decided to make use of my nervous energy and be productive, feel like I was being creative instead of letting the wave of the day’s toxins overcome me.

Below is the cake.  Layered with alternate espresso butter cream and apricot jam.  I flooded it with ganache and decorated the top with marzipan leaves and acorns.  I delivered it unexpectedly to the support team of ladies in our office as a mid week, mid afternoon “let’s cheer you all up.”  It went down well…I took myself out of the moment that was swallowing me whole.  Came home, cleaned the debris in the kitchen and headed out to show more property…day’s work well done and happy peeps in the interim!

  • Spice cake layered with apricot jam.
Harvest Festival Cake – Step 1
  • Fill alternate layers with espresso buttercream.
Harvest Festival Cake – Step 2
  •  Heat heavy cream to boiling point, add 2 parts chocolate to 1 part cream, stir slowly.
  • Flood with ganache.
Harvest Festival Cake – Step 3
  • Cut into leaf shapes, make acorns with left over marzipan.
  • Colour marzipan to reflect autumn.

Harvest Festival Cake - Step 4

  • Add marzipan leaves and acorns to cake top.
  • Dressed up and ready to roll.

Harvest Festival Cake

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  1. we can “play ” when you come up…this is a great cake to make with a child,6yrs plus…the rolling of the marzipan etc and colouring of the paste and making the acorns….had such a response to this cake! Took it in and left it at work…everyone was having a day like i was so it went down well! Next month will make a chocolate, chocolate with a spiders web and spider on it…watch this space…love you Maisyxxx

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