Can you guess where I am?

img_5167.jpgMy 8am appointment was pushed till noon. Can you guess where I’ll be spending that time?

How about a little cooking demo?

img_0266.jpgStuffed and rolled pork, coffee and orange layered cake. How to bone, roll and stuff a chicken.

Birthday weekend

img_1785.jpgIn a hammock made for….as many of us that can get in it!

Apple swirls for Broker tour

 1 pack of puff pastry defrosted, cut into strips. Brush with apricot jam. Lay thinly sliced apples. Roll,  place I to cup cake tray and bakes at 400f. When cooked, remove from pan, place in cupcake cases and sprinkle with powdered sugar!

Breast Cancer According to a 6 year old

Breast cancer described by a 6 yr old to her doll
My nana has a big scratch on her boob where they cut her open…something nasty was in there and if they didn’t get it out she would have gone to heaven….dead. She wants me to visit her when I’m older and I go to college and she helps me buy a car to visit and take her to see Daisy…so she lies on the machine and they zap her with lasers so she isn’t dead yet.

Quail with bourbon glaze

Aran cardi for a one year old

IMG_0552.JPGThis Aran cardi was a gift to my friend Thomas Williams for his baby son.

Blueberry sour cream pound cake

IMG_0236.JPGHere’s my recipe for a delicious blueberry sour cream pound cake.


English Pork Pies





Having a day of cooking to remind me of home!