Nutella bread… kind of…

IMG_0104.JPGI used an enriched dough that I made from scratch. Brioche or Danish is good. Layered with Nutella, egg washed and sprinkled with Demerara sugar, cinnamon and sliced almonds. I think if I made it again, I would layer it with julienne of pears and marzipan, plus some chocolate. Was it good? No idea. Sent it to work for hubby to put in the break room. It was gone before ten so I guess so.

Business lunch.

Crazy day. Just walked, checked in on a recovering poorly sick friend and her progress, grabbed the pest control guy as he was passing and had him treat for the nasty little spiders I keep finding. Webinar at noon, business meeting at 1 pm. Threw some veggies in a pot, paysanne cut ( peasant style, on the bias, rough cut) classic minestrone style but will add sausage tortellini for some substance. Also have biscotti in the oven and cappuccino for afters! It’s getting a tad cold for the south. I lit the fire last night…as a treat to me! ( then sat here half naked because it was a little toasty) I love it!
So I’m serving a European autumn style lunch…all homemade! Then off to pick up more red cabbage than most people see in a life time….delivering braised red cabbage and apple to a wedding reception on Saturday. Our community have one of its own core members getting married and we are all pitching in on the food….between the parade of homes open house, I will have 20 something pounds of this stuff to get to the club house In time for post nuptial eats! Insanity at its best!
I also have a Cornish gansey sweater to finish to take for a loved one I’m meeting in the big apple next week. Long nights and some fast finger movements if it’s going to be ready. Need to start the Christmas cakes and card making if we are going to be on time…..why I say that when we all know I have never, ever been on time, I don’t know…..I was born late and I should have been named last minute Lilly! Having said that, I always pull it together and deliver!
Man the things we do for friends!


Drunken pear and frangipane tart

IMG_0159.JPGJust took this wonderful drunk pear and frangipane tarts from the oven. Mmmm…

Some sales take a lot more effort than others. Credit where credit is due and a show of gratitude for a job well done!