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Harvest festival cake, creative venting!

dressed up and ready to roll
Harvest Festival Cake

Finding one’s way.

I spent most of my day delivering fliers for the short sale part of my real estateĀ business. With temperatures typical of the deep south and a humidity to match, I stepped out at seven thirty and three hundred and something fliers and a dozen conversations later, I got home at two thirty, hot, sticky and sore.

I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!

I was thinking that I don’t have time to write today …or anything to write about. I am busy with clients, listing, juggling, negotiating. I have started my short sale advertising campaign, so the printer is humming along like Casey Jone and his Cannon Ball express. It’s not loud, but I do have to step out into the hallway when I answer the phone. It’s raining outside…big time. The sound of the rain and the chugging of the printer is hypnotic! The phone has been a constant since just after six this morning so busy is as busy does. I’m hoping that this leads to something good, cha ching! As a Brit. I relate rain to cold. Actually, cold, wet, windy and all round miserable but since coming to the states, rain can take on a whole new meaning. Rain at 94 degrees was something I first encountered living in Florida. It was like being in a car wash or sauna. Huntsville is not far behind on that one. Still, England didn’t get to be a green and pleasant land without all that water and My yard is it’s abundance self, flourishes from these downpours.

Today’s my day off!

Today isĀ  my day off. I walked 4 miles before 7am. Went and got some groceries, made breakfast and made some meals for my husband to take on travel with him. ( yes I cook, portion, stack and freeze his food for when he is TDY. It’s cost effective, financially and in terms of time). We had breakfast while we skyped with our daughter in law and grand baby, then showered and headed up to “Across the Pond” to pick up some more pavers, check out the fountain we picked via texting with Trevor Cole and give him some grief along the way! Then it was off to Lowe’s ( we are life members!) , Earth Fare for some grass fed Bison steaks and then home for supper before planting the petunias and coreopsis that I picked up for 50c a pack on the clearance ( or somebody come love me) rack in Lowe’s garden center. I get a lot of my plants on clearance but we spend enough in there to make up for that and some!