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Helloooo. yes I’m English!

Not sure how to begin this one but feel it’s something I have to say. I was in a meeting of sorts today and when I left, one of the other attendees left along side me. Noticing my vehicle, like you can miss it. Union jack front plate and “Little Brit More” right across the back window. CDPE and real estate info on the sides. I mean, please! The other “person” said ” oh, I guess I should have realised this truck was yours” and I politely replied “um yeah just a hint huh?” That’s where it all goes down hill in a heart beat…I’m being congratulated on my transition to a better life safe keeping here in the US. ( I will tell you I am beyond pleased to be living in a close proximity to my husband. The cost, financially and emotionally has been immense…..Would I trade it? most days, no). I look at the deliverer of this message with that puzzled expression that doubles up to say ” what the heck are you on about?” and on goes the messenger…”I mean to come here and build a new life and be safe and free” does this person have a clue as to where the UK is? I didn’t escape Somalia to come here, safe? What the hell does safe mean? the conversation continues.”How long have you been here?” I reply ” 16 years” (arriving the week of the Oklahoma bombings and moving to MD the day before 9/11)…that is met with “oh gosh you must feel so blessed, Especially escaping the riots?”  What can I say? I left my kids yesterday  to make a nine hour dash back for business. Not in a good frame of mind for anyone to try and chat with me, let alone talk out of a place most of us sit on. I wonder if some of the folks I come into contact with have any clue as to the rest of the world and how it works.  Still time to go bank my check and go about my business. That involves finding the appropriate keys for homes in my care, Returning keys and garage door openers for homes that I have sold, Sorry Laura if you are reading this. Running to pick up steak and fish for dinner tonight and lunches to go tomorrow. Shoving in some laundry and soaking the dried out flower baskets after a week away. Prepping for up coming classes and applying for a job that someone casually mentioned in passing, that if I could secure, would change a lot of things…reading this Daisy Mai??? During this running around, I stop at a red light and there is a huge sign on the side of the road that reads” need to learn a second language?” I have been thinking whether to polish and expand my German or learn sign language. Not that I don’t have a full load right now. But it’s a long light and I have time to dial the number and ask what is involved in the program. I really have to listen hard to the lady on the other end of the phone. She is excited that German is my choice of language as she is the German instructor…interestingly, she doesn’t sound German so I enquire as to her country of origin. She tells me she is Romanian with a Hungarian/ German mother so she speaks it as her mother tongue….and then inquires where I am from as I have an accent. When I tell her I am English, she says “oh, from which country”……and I reply” ummm England?”

If you are a homeowner in distress…act now!

Over the past several months I have been posting flyer’s and ads regarding the short sale process. I am constantly approached by homeowners who are interested to ask about short sale. Many people I talk to still have no real idea of what a short sale is and more importantly, how it would affect them personally. The process itself can sometimes be as unique as the client(s) involved but due to endless interaction from the CDPE management and its members with the major lending institutions, it has for the most part become much more streamlined. Bad situations do occur to good people and if you happen to find yourself in troubled waters financially, the sooner the situation is addressed, the easier it will be to come to a resolution.
Being in financial difficulty is a really tough place to be. It is up there on the list of life milestones and stressors. If you are underwater on your mortgage and the stress is building, you need a plan of action and a guide to get you through the weeds. I can be your guide. I am not your judge; I am not here to discuss how you got where you are.  Chances are that you already know that. My role is to walk you through the process and bring you out the other side so as you can begin to get your life back on track, working your way to financial stability and well-being. If you are reading this today, chances are, you are already in trouble. Give me a call. I can walk the talk and I will be proud to be your guide!