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English Shortbread

What a crazy week, maybe finally some work…well one would hope!  I bought a folding table for my sewing machine and have cut out vintage style aprons for my girls, just need to sew them together…just need to do a stack of things, truth be told.  I got a little carried away after that and bought another folding table for the second dormer window in my office and will use it for my seed production.  My office is now home to my treadmill, bowflex, though I walk outside 5 days out of 7.  My sewing table, sewing  machine and all crafts requiring scissors, my plant table, seed incubation area oh and yes my desk!  All of my “Just need to get that done”.  I have stuff.  I  bought a bunch of perennial seeds, a few veggie seeds, which, because my husband is not loving the idea of raised flower beds…I think he actually said “no” hell no” and then “over my dead body” all which have negative overtones that lead me to believe no raised vegetable beds in my immediate future at least ….never to be deterred, I am going to have “patches ” of veg throughout my back garden flower beds…… can’t keep a good girl down! So with all of those little projects to get done this month, in comes some “possible” paid  work.  Add to that, I have to make some samples of gluten free goodies (of which I have some super recipes) to Williams Sonoma, they “may want me to demo again for them.