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I’ve bitten off more than I can chew!

I was thinking that I don’t have time to write today …or anything to write about. I am busy with clients, listing, juggling, negotiating. I have started my short sale advertising campaign, so the printer is humming along like Casey Jone and his Cannon Ball express. It’s not loud, but I do have to step out into the hallway when I answer the phone. It’s raining outside…big time. The sound of the rain and the chugging of the printer is hypnotic! The phone has been a constant since just after six this morning so busy is as busy does. I’m hoping that this leads to something good, cha ching! As a Brit. I relate rain to cold. Actually, cold, wet, windy and all round miserable but since coming to the states, rain can take on a whole new meaning. Rain at 94 degrees was something I first encountered living in Florida. It was like being in a car wash or sauna. Huntsville is not far behind on that one. Still, England didn’t get to be a green and pleasant land without all that water and My yard is it’s abundance self, flourishes from these downpours.