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4th quarter goal setting.

OK Jackie and all you struggling mums out there,  we are in the fourth quarter of the year. Time to have your last set of goals for 2011. Financial, emotional, health and nutrition. You name what’s important to you and then with your kids, plan on how you are going to achieve it. Put in place some monitoring  milestones ie, no soda for a week, save x $ for fun weekend. Remember the best way to get your kids on board, is to co create the plan with them. So just for instance, if we are talking fitness, depending on your “helpers” age,  have them get a sheet of paper and mark up your days, figure out between you which days you will walk, run, skip rope, etc. You can google calorie count per exercise if that’s your goal. If family activity is your goal, any calories burnt will be a bonus!

Co creating a dinner plan!

20 minut suppers for the busy mum.

Co created dinners for the single mum!simple sandwiches

Quick and easy supper sandwiches

Meals in under 20 minutes