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Do you know your why? Here’s mine..period!

I want to feel your warmth in person more often…I understand not every day but this time apart is not cricket.
I want to stroll with you at leisure.
lay down with you at night
I want to share  with you my orgasms and many of yours.
I want to lunch with you impromptu
and with my son and my daughter…and the same for you as you wish with either of them.
I want to share breakfasts on Sundays,
drop bys’ from the kids
sometimes with their partners
and then with their kids.
I want to be able to catch up with the kids at short notice
I want to enjoy our stamina and energy while we still have it
I want to know you are in the next room or that you are safe and  that you will be home before the sun sets.
I want to chat over coffee
Bathe together
lie in bed and watch tv
meet you for dinner
sneak away for a weekend
be in the lives of my grandchildren