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Harvest festival cake, creative venting!

dressed up and ready to roll
Harvest Festival Cake

My biorythms are off!

I worked last night till midnight and decided to sleep in this morning…but when 05.45 came around, I was up and moving. Trimmed all the rose bushes while the heat was not so bad…the humidity could have been equal to that of a Turkish bath! Push mowed the front lawn to get the criss cross thing going on. John Deer’ed the back, cut in the flower beds and it was then 100 degrees and yucky. All of this while fielding phone calls, trying to strike deals, hold deals together, calm the troubled buyer/ seller. Come 2.30pm, I hadn’t eaten,  just drunk a lake of lemon water. I called my hairdresser, went for a hair cut. Thought I would get an early night. I’m not enjoying being on my own this much. So I headed out and bought some mulch and 14 day lilies, Got them planted and watered in as the sun went down, came in and showered the sweat of the labor off me, ate some fruit and chicken, called hubby, face time with my baby, emailed my responses to work related issues, and here I am, still wide eyed and active….figuring out something that will help me sleep….my biorhythms must be off. No worries, I will lie in tomorrow!