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Finding one’s way.

I spent most of my day delivering fliers for the short sale part of my real estate business. With temperatures typical of the deep south and a humidity to match, I stepped out at seven thirty and three hundred and something fliers and a dozen conversations later, I got home at two thirty, hot, sticky and sore.

My rainbow is rising!

Out walking with the ladies today, they crack me up…actually they wake me up with a ping ping text and I shuffle my rear end into some under armour , push my feet into sneakers and head out the door, here they come breezy babes sauntering around the corner, picking me up in their stride… They have commented on the blog. I have committed not to disclose our chats, They don’t approve of my O word, and we are not talking Oprah here…( see  the post “my why”).  I’m not for all. Maybe not even for the faint hearted. I would go as far as saying that for some I am an acquired taste (or not).  Friends I make. I have for years. I realize some things  I need to tone down just to polish me and some things just for them as I enjoy their company and don’t wish for them to be uncomfortable. My O word will not make that list though. Any way…digress as I do, we chatted about horoscopes, luck and business, I was mentioning a contact I had and as we rounded the bend…there he appeared, getting ready to go into a vacant house. Being who we are, we wandered in to look…during the nosey around, they found two pennies  one each for them, their good luck for the day. No good luck for me? hum…I feel my luck rising..penny or not. We said our good-byes and I pounded the path for another three miles to fulfil my commitment to my thighs…yep I am on reclaiming program! Almost home, wet, sticking and stinking as I head into the last lap having over run on time. I look down and there is a quarter. Just one, on the road …waiting for me…I can feel my rainbow. I already had a spring in my step…I know I’m on a cusp..my rainbow is rising!