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Never Mind the Tooth Fairy…Beware of the Midnight Buffalo!

Never Mind the Tooth Fairy…….Beware of the Midnight Buffalo.

I made my list of New Years resolutions, not under the influence of alcohol…I am not a drinker, rather under the influence of wishful thinking or even in a delusional moment mixed in with a few high hopes.  Either way, I had gracefully jotted down my intentions and hung them with a sense of pride and optimism on the notice board in the kitchen.  It was almost like I was looking to the stroke of midnight to completely change my weight, income, purchasing power and vacation opportunities for the coming year!

Why I cook!



Growing up, I planned to be a physical education instructor, or if I got really lucky, to train dolphins and
swim for a living. Swimming is a passion of mine; I wasn’t sure where I would
find dolphins in Shrewsbury, an agriculturally rich town and definitely inland and without any visible
signs of dolphins. I hadn’t got a clue how a small town girl like me would find the kind of money it took to move away and follow one’s dreams. That was the kind of thing other folks did.