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Catching up with friends.

Busy weekend travelling to see friends.  I’m so glad that I went but feeling a little jaded after back to back travel. I was in Fairlawn NJ and the surrounding area. The flora and fauna are so reminiscent of my homeland and many of the home sizes the same. I am spoilt here in Huntsville and I love it. I do miss the horse chestnuts and the green, green landscape but the pace and price of everything…no~sir~ee. My friend is a chocolatier and talented one at that, she also does great flower arrangements…so if you are in that neck of the woods and want either of the aforementioned gorgeous displays of goodies or displays, let me know. I will gladly have her contact you. She also specializes in Turkish foods and does a superb job of cooking…just in case you are in need or such a talent.

Days of reckoning.

I’m acknowledging the internal struggle I’m experiencing  between work, maintaining a home and garden which I love, juggling my life to accommodate my husbands travels and schedule. I don’t have to make myself available and he would never ask me to put him first. I want to spend time with him. Hell, I could have stayed in the UK if I wanted to live alone. His job is extremely demanding, anything less would leave him bored.