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Never underestimate Mother Nature having a moment!

Power back on after six days and the worst storm in the history of N Alabama. Hundreds lost their homes and belongings. Driving through the county yesterday to check on my listings I can see the damage is pretty intensive. We are not strangers to weather hiccups. We were in Florida for several hurricanes and even though Jacksonville has not been in receipt of a direct ht in some 47 years..it’s taken a few knocks. We were in Chesapeake VA when Hurricane Bonnie came visiting our street. Hubby was in the Persian Gulf , we were left to our own devices…came through unscathed, with a little help from a lot of friends.  Ever navy guy on shore tour in the locality came and helped clear the homes of families who’s dad was gone..We were in Pax River MD when Isabel came through and boy was she angry. Even though we were in a rented house, the debris was extensive and the clean up took forever.  The landlord made a customary appearance, never to be seen again. My husband “logged” all the down trees, we sat many a weekend in the yard around a blazing pile of logs. I was recovering from surgery and the time was good to us all.  My daughter was in high school so we gathered up a mob of her buddies and did as much community help and fundraiser work as we could muster. A good and beneficial time had by all. Fond memories. We needed that.