Today’s my day off!

Today is  my day off. I walked 4 miles before 7am. Went and got some groceries, made breakfast and made some meals for my husband to take on travel with him. ( yes I cook, portion, stack and freeze his food for when he is TDY. It’s cost effective, financially and in terms of time). We had breakfast while we skyped with our daughter in law and grand baby, then showered and headed up to “Across the Pond” to pick up some more pavers, check out the fountain we picked via texting with Trevor Cole and give him some grief along the way! Then it was off to Lowe’s ( we are life members!) , Earth Fare for some grass fed Bison steaks and then home for supper before planting the petunias and coreopsis that I picked up for 50c a pack on the clearance ( or somebody come love me) rack in Lowe’s garden center. I get a lot of my plants on clearance but we spend enough in there to make up for that and some!

I had Chicken and crab imperial with carrots and summer squash with onions,garlic and tomatoes. Pappie had Bison with crab and veggies. Are we spoilt or what?

Path is nearly finished. I think it needs to be a slower process in this heat. Will post pictures when we are done and the fountain is in…as for now, I think it’s time for bed with a book. What am I reading…Bethenny Frankel, A place of Yes. I have 3 books to read this month. Surviving your Serengeti, Shift, and The Power of Intention. Just finished two back to back Nicholas Sparks’.

Like I said, today is my day off!

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