Wish you were here

img_5115.jpgI would love to know what you’d think and say about how the kids have grown, what they’ve become, who they remind you of, how important they are to you.  I’d like to share my garden with you, though I know just the thought of this heat would make your skin crawl. I wonder what you’d think of America, where I am in my life, all the obstacles I’ve dealt with to get this far. Most of all, I hope you are looking down and know that we are happy,  that you would be pleased for us and with us.

I make your shortbread every Sunday and share it freely in your name.

I bought a bench for the garden we have created as a nod to my England here in the Deep South. I had a plaque made with your name on it so you know that bench is yours.

I have all the flowers we had in Springfield, I grow everything mum grew, dig it in, heel it in and water it. It’s abundant.

I tell livi about you and why you have a place here in my garden, in my heart.

You are a staple in our conversations….domino grandma, just as you were the staple in our lives.  Many defining moments were because of you and your efforts. Wish you were here, wish you could see, wish you could share our place for you.

Hannah Milroy Anslow, my grandma.

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